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Brown marmorated stink bugs or just stink bugs are invasive pests that come from Asia. They haven’t been in the United States for long, but they’re made a big impact on the region quickly. They’re called stink bugs because they release a foul odor from the glands on their thorax. The first stink bugs in the United States were found in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1996. Since then, stink bugs have spread across the country and can now be found in many states. They’re common pests in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. Stink bugs can grow up to three-quarters of an inch in length. They’re either gray or brown and have a unique triangular back. Their antennas have small white stripes.

Why Stink Bugs Invade Homes

Stink bugs fit into the overwintering pest category. Since they’re overwintering pests, they’re going to invade residences before the cold temperature arrives. They cannot tolerate the cold, frost, and snow. Once fall arrives, stink bugs are going to enter homes through small gaps, cracks, and openings. Once they’ve found a way to sneak into the home, they’re going to hide in attics, walls, and elsewhere. They’ll stay there until the temperatures rise. Once this happens, they’ll try to return outside so they can consume plants, fruits, and vegetables. If you find many stink bugs in your home when the temperatures rise, you have a stink bug infestation.

Stink Bug Risks & Dangers

You’re likely worried that the pests in your home are going to be incredibly dangerous. Thankfully, it is believed that stink bugs do not pose any health hazards to people or pets. Even when they enter your home, they’re not going to breed inside. Nevertheless, they’re going to be a nuisance and headache for you and your loved ones. You can’t crush these pests because doing so will cause them to release a foul odor. The odor is repulsive. Therefore, it is pertinent to find a better way to get rid of them. Using a vacuum is one option.

Eliminating The Stink Bugs In Your Home

Again, you have to be clever when attempting to get rid of the stink bugs in your home. If you try to crush them or physically pick them up, you’re going to run into problems. These pests will release a foul odor and you’ll regret your decision. Instead, you need to find a reliable, gentle way to deal with the problem. One solution is using a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to place the vacuum’s content in a plastic bag. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of the stink bugs around your home. If this is something you wish to achieve, work with a licensed professional. Contact us because we can help. We’ll customize our treatment to fix the problem for you.

Using DIY Techniques

In many cases, do-it-yourself techniques are not going to eliminate stink bug invasions. They could get rid of some pests but likely not all of them. To effectively eliminate these pests on your own, it is pertinent to use insecticides designed for this purpose. You need to know how to use these products safely to avoid health hazards. If these products aren’t used correctly, you will not achieve long-term results. When you find stink bugs in your home, it is best to work with us. We can remove stink bugs from dwellings without risks.

The Cost Of Our Services 

Many of our clients are concerned about the price of our service. We understand this sincerely and want to do everything we can to provide you with reasonably priced services. In many cases, we are going to use the standard services to fix the problem in question. When this is possible, we are going to charge standard prices. In this case, the price will depend on the size of the dwelling. Our technician is going to give you a bid price before the extermination begins.

Preventing Stink Bugs Again

Once you’ve removed the stink bugs from your dwelling, it is pertinent to keep them out. Failing to do so could lead to major issues in the long run. It won’t be easy to keep these pests out of your home but you can minimize the risks. Properly sealing the exterior walls around your home will help. Be sure to focus on gaps around doors and windows.

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