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Any way you go about it, there is no denying that bed bugs are an extremely tough, resilient, and witty bunch. One could almost compare them to Baltimore residents. All in all, they are a nasty pest and this is why it usually takes several different approaches to successfully eliminate them. It is best to have more than one tool in your toolbox when attacking bed bugs.

Along with standard pesticides treatments we also offer thermal heat treatments. While these treatments aren’t always viable in every situation, we try to offer them when and where we can. This is because they are so effective. Of course, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what you need to know:

Thermal Heat Treatment Explained

The theory behind the bed bug heat treatment is simple at best. It just involves raising the temperature in the home to 140 degrees and higher. Bed bugs cannot survive extreme amounts of heat for prolonged periods. There are a lot of great things about this type of treatment, but the biggest has got to be that their reach everywhere. They’ll reach all surfaces, cracks, and crevices of the home.

Not only this but it kills all stages of bed bugs. Whether it be adults, nymphs, eggs, or larvae, heat treatment will eradicate these bugs when applied correctly under the correct circumstances.

The Most Effective Option Today

With all the technology available today, there are now a whole wide variety of bed bug treatments available. Not every solution is viable in every situation, but there is no denying that heat is the most effective. This is because it kills bugs at all stages and it reaches everywhere on the property. There are no two options about it. When it comes to heat treatments, bed bugs have two options: escape or die! This does not mean that bed bugs won’t survive heat treatment because that would be a lie.

Bed bugs can and have escaped heat treatments in the past. However, when applied right, under the right circumstances, heat will eradicate bugs, 100 percent. The trick is just making sure you get all the bugs and preventing them from escaping the premises. This is why it is best to just opt for a pest management professional. We know how to most effectively administer these treatments. We also know how to prevent bugs from escaping the property once treatment has begun.

Properly Monitoring Heat Treatments

Heat treatment is the most effective bed bug solution available today when applied right. Of course, being applied right being the key phrase here. You’ll probably read a lot of posts or hear a lot of people say that these treatments aren’t effective as promised. This is because there is so much that can go wrong during the treatment, not the treatment itself. The treatment has to be administered with the utmost care.

This is why we not only bring in special equipment to raise the temperature in the home to 140 degrees and above, but we bring in special equipment to monitor those temperatures. We utilized specialized thermostats to ensure the temperatures remain 140 degrees at all times. As soon as there is a slight variation, the equipment will send out a signal letting our techs know. This gives us the ability to immediately make changes.

This is just one of the many reasons that heat treatments fail or aren’t as effective as they should be in many situations. Do not let this happen to you by choosing a pest management professional who knows exactly what they are doing. Give us a call!

Evacuating The Premises

There are plenty of great things that can be said about heat treatments. There are also, unfortunately, some negatives associated with the treatment as well. From what you can see above, it doesn’t take much to render the treatment ineffective. On top of this, the property will have to be evacuated. Pets, children, the elderly, and living people will have to evacuate the premises when heat treatments are applied.

You might even have to remove heat-sensitive items from the home. This is something we can do for you. We’ll evaluate the property and determine which items are at risk and which aren’t. We’ll then make notes for our techs to remove the items on the day of the scheduled appointment. One good thing is, you can immediately come back into the home. There are no lingering harmful side effects, so you don’t have to worry about staying away from the property for 2 or 3 days.

Whether you have questions about heat treatments, want to set up an appointment, or just want to talk to someone about pest management, you can give our Baltimore offices a call. We always have someone standing by ready, willing, and able to assist. We’ve put the ball in your court. Now, it’s up to you to make the decision of calling or not.

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