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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentOver the years, pest management professionals have toyed with a variety of different methods for eliminating bed bugs. Thanks to these efforts, there are now a whole host of eco-friendly solutions available to the pest industry. However, that doesn’t mean these eco-friendly solutions are always the best option. There are many cases when these solutions aren’t even applicable. On top of this, they aren’t always as effective as traditional methods. When it comes to small, confined infestations there aren’t as many options as effective as pesticides. Pesticides have been tried and test over and over again throughout the years.

Indeed, the bugs have grown resilient and immune to some of these chemicals, but time and time again pesticides have shown why they are a go-to method for bed bug eradication. A recent study conducted at Purdue University showed that pesticides have not proven as effective in the last couple of years because pest management firms aren’t doing follow-up treatments. That’s right when utilizing pesticides, it might oftentimes take several applications to eradicate the bugs. The study showed that at least two visits might be pertinent.

Whatever the situation, we believe in taking things a step further here with our Baltimore offices, and that is why we usually now do a three-step treatment procedure when treatment bed bugs conventionally with pesticides. Here’s what the process might look like.

  • You give us a call and set up an appointment. For the first visit, we’ll get a tech out to assess the property. We’ll determine how bad the infestation is, where are the potential entry points are, and the best ways to go about plugging the infestation. This would be the first visit.
  • The second visit, if agreed upon, will be the actual application of the pesticides and chemicals.
  • The third visit usually consists of us going back over the property and reapplying the pesticides. During this visit, we’ll also make sure that the infestation is cleared entirely.
  • If needed, from this point, we’ll go ahead and schedule another follow-up visit just to ensure the problem has been resolved, but most of the time there is no need for this visit. It’s just there if it is needed.

Rest assured that we are here to remove your bed bug problem in the most effective and efficient ways possible. We also want to do it with safety in mind. When utilizing pesticides, we make sure we only allow our licensed and certified techs to handle these chemicals. We’ll ensure that they are applied in the safest manner possible. Also, remember that all our work comes with guarantees and warranties just if you are unhappy with anything at any point in the process.

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