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Ladybugs belong to the Coccinellidae family which includes many other beetles. Ladybugs are small beetles that range in size from 1/32 of an inch to half an inch. In terms of color, they’re orange, yellow, or scarlet. They will have a few black spots on their wings. As for their head, legs, and antennas, they’re black. Today, there are more than 5,000 known ladybug species around the world. Roughly 450 or so can be found in North America. Some are pests in North America and Europe. However, ladybugs are helpful. They’re generally not problematic, but they can be. These pests are helpful because they help eliminate certain pests, including scale insects, aphids, mites, and mealybugs.

Ladybugs are frequently released at the Mall of America so they can protect the mall’s gardens.

Reasons For Ladybugs

Thankfully, most ladybug species are benign. Still, there is one ladybug type that can be a pest in North America. The species were brought to North America in the 20th century as a way to control aphid populations on crops. Although they were successful, they created additional problems because they survived the harsh winter. They found ways to survive, including hiding on exterior walls that faced south. They also moved into buildings. Since they survived, the population grew and they quickly became a problem for locals.

Ladybug Dangers

Although ladybugs create numerous problems, they’re not dangerous. Ladybugs do not pose a risk to people or pets. Reports indicate that Asian lady beetles can nip. It doesn’t happen often but it could. Thankfully, these pests do not transmit dangerous illnesses. Furthermore, they don’t carry parasites. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is cleaning up the mess they’ve created. Do that and keep these pests out of your home next winter.

Getting Rid Of Ladybugs

Unfortunately, ladybugs are difficult to get rid of on your own. One way to fix the problem is by remaining patient. If you don’t mind living with ladybugs in your home, just wait. When the temperatures rise, the ladybugs in your home will leave. The only problem is that you’re going to live with them for many months. If you want to avoid this, it is best to work with a qualified exterminator. Ladybugs do not create nests. Therefore, you’ll have to treat each ladybug. Miss a few and the infestation will remain. Our company offers an innovative, reliable ladybug program. We can wipe out these pests so contact our office as soon as possible.

DIY Solutions

You’ll likely consider using DIY methods to fix this problem. Although some DIY methods will kill ladybugs, they’re not easy to use. Some could be dangerous. It is best to avoid using dangerous pesticides. Working with a professional is the best way to protect yourself and the ones you love. Work with us and we’ll help you minimize the risks.

When Can You Begin?

Contact our Baltimore office immediately. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours and help you schedule an appointment. We can also give you a free quote.

Safe Ladybug Solutions

Our company aims to provide its clients with safe, reliable solutions. We use the latest and greatest techniques to fix the problem. As a result, we use products that have been tested by the Environmental Protection Agency. We know that these products work and they’re safe. Since we use EPA-registered products, you can sleep soundly knowing you and your loved ones will be protected during every step of the process.

Preventing Ladybug Invasions

Take steps to keep ladybugs out of your home. Properly seal your home’s exterior walls before winter arrives. Do that and you might be able to prevent them from entering your home.

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