Man has been plagued by mosquitoes since the beginning of time. And, unfortunately, he will probably be plagued by mosquitoes until the end of time. This is because the two go hand-in-hand. Well, the man doesn’t depend on the mosquito, but the mosquito depends on the man for blood. What’s even more worrisome is, these creatures are responsible for carrying and transmitting a slew of diseases, including Encephalitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue, and the infamous West Nile Virus. A mosquito usually ends up feeding on something that is infected.

And, when the mosquito feeds on the man he transfers that disease to him via blood transmission. Although you can never rid your risks of mosquitoes, there are things you can do to lessen those risks. You should take the opportunity to do these things., and that’s what we’re here to help with.

The Solution:

Unfortunately, there is no complete solution to mosquito management. As a pest management professional, this is something we’ll more than openly tell you. However, ever since the 30 plus years that we’ve been dealing with these critters, we have developed some effective and unique ways for dealing with them. Mosquito management is nothing new to us, and we are here to help with open arms. Here’s how we usually tackle a mosquito problem:

  • We send out a trained assessor to the property to evaluate the property.
  • When the inspector or assessor is out there, he or she will evaluate the property looking for potential entry points as well as mosquito breeding sites.
  • During this inspection, we’ll also look for structural deficiencies that allow mosquitoes onto the property.
  • From there, we’ll develop ways that we can cut off these entry points and eliminate these breeding sites, cutting the head off the snake.
  • After we have ensured that we have efficiently and effectively eliminated the problem, we’ll help you develop a plan for future prevention.

All you have to do is pick up the phone send up an e-mail, text us, or phone us. Whatever the method is, it doesn’t matter. We always have someone standing by at our Baltimore offices. Whether you need an in-home assessment, just have questions, or want to talk to someone about mosquito management, we are here. We also have emergency services available if and when they are needed for those in need. It is just up to you to give us a call. We have done everything we can.

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