Is Performing Your Own Bed Bug Extermination A Good Idea?

Over the past few years, the bed bug cases in Baltimore have grown in frequency. Whether you happen to live in the east or west, you are not invulnerable to these critters. They are capable of traveling over great distances and your house could easily become a target. Even if you take various steps to … Read more

Tips On How To Prepare For A Bed Bug Extermination Inspection

A bed bug infestation is something that requires an expedient solution. With this said, you will need to start looking for a bed bug exterminator in Baltimore MD. It is never easy to hire a service provider, but with a bit of research and reading customer reviews, you will be well on your way to … Read more

Methods To Help Detect Bed Bugs During The Early Stages

The early stages of a bed bug infestation can be critical. This is the point, where you either spread the infestation and make it worse or narrow it down and eliminate it. You might be surprised to learn that until recently, bed bug early detection tools were severely limited. However, do to recent resurgence of … Read more

Everything You Possibly Need To Know About Bed Bugs

If you haven’t heard over the past several years, bed bugs are making a huge comeback in the residential market. Some people contribute this to global warming, while others admit they really can’t explain the phenomenon. Whatever the truth is, any homeowner looking to protect their home needs to be armed with as much information … Read more