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Traveling To The Beautiful City Of Baltimore MD

Over the past few years, the state of Maryland has grown increasingly popular as a tourist attraction. Much of this has to do with the state’s closeness to Washington DC. Nonetheless, the beautiful city of Baltimore is great in its own right. The city is very large and is comprised of various districts. Below, you will learn about the city and its more amazing attractions.

Inner Harbor

While Baltimore is home to various districts, the Inner Harbor area is undeniably one of the best for tourists. This is the case, because this portion of Baltimore is home to various museums. You will also find lots of clean motels in the Inner Harbor area. When visiting this area, you will want to make sure to stop at the National Aquarium. It is definitely one of the most amazing destinations in the entire city, if not the entire state.

Traveling The City

In order to enjoy everything Baltimore has to offer, you will need to find a suitable form of transportation. The good news is that Baltimore offers a wealth of affordable transportation options, with the MTA being one of the best. The public transportation available to locals and tourists isn’t anything special, but it will definitely serve its purpose. Subways are very inexpensive and will get you where you need to go very quickly.

Alternatively, you can always rent a taxi or a car.


When visiting Baltimore, you will definitely want to consider enjoying a sports event. There is plenty to choose from. For instance, Baltimore is home to the Ravens and the Orioles. Both teams are very entertaining and tickets to their games are moderate. No matter what sport is your favorite, you will easily be able to find something that suits your interest! The Ravens play their home games at the M&T Bank Stadiums. The team is consistent and tends to remain one of the most competitive in the NFL.


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