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The Best Attractions Baltimore MD Has In Store For Tourists

Maryland is most certainly one of the most beautiful states in America. Of course, some cities are more notable than others. During the past few years, Baltimore has emerged as a hot tourist attraction for various reasons. This is the case, because Baltimore is home to a wide variety of awesome venues. Whether you’re a fan of sports or consider yourself to be a history buff, you’ll absolutely love this city. Below, you’ll learn about the city’s best attractions.

The Creative Alliance

If you’re a fan of arts, you will definitely want to head down to Eastern Avenue to check out the Creative Alliance. This establishment is home to an abundance of amazing events, which are held throughout the year. They include folk musical performances, rap performances, and even indie film screenings. At the same time, the venue is home to 2 art galleries and a theater. Finally, the establishment also has a bar and restaurant. Therefore, you’ll be able to achieve multiple necessities, while visiting the Creative Alliance.

M&T Bank Stadium

If you’re a fan of sports, you will definitely want to consider making a stop at the M&T Bank Stadium. Those that watch a lot of football will be familiar with this stadium, since it is home to the Baltimore Ravens. The stadium was opened in 1998. Construction for the stadium costed a total of 220 million dollars! The stadium is located conveniently close to Oriole Park, which is home to the Baltimore Orioles.

Lexington Market

Those looking for a place to grab a delicious lunch will definitely want to head to the Lexington Market. This venue is home to numerous vendors. These retail establishments offer a variety of different foods. At the same time, there is plenty of sitting room. At the Lexington Market, you’ll be able to sit down and enjoy delicious Maryland cuisine with your traveling companions.


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