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Little Italy  

Little Italy is a neighborhood located in southeastern Baltimore, Maryland. The neighborhood is known for its strong Italian-American heritage and identity. The neighborhood is still mostly populated by the descendants of Italian-American immigrants and remains a closely knit ethnic enclave.  Due to its proximity to desirable neighborhoods such as Fell’s Point, Upper Fell’s Point, and Harbor East, real estate values in Little Italy have become high in recent years. Another cause for the neighborhood’s competitive real estate market is the lack of properties entering the market due to the longstanding neighborhood tradition of keeping houses within the family. Each summer, the Little Italy community hosts an outdoor film festival where outdoor movies are projected onto a wall at the intersection of High and Stiles Streets.

One of the city’s cultural icons, Little Italy is a charming neighborhood that remains an ethnic enclave for Italian-American immigrants.  One of the biggest reasons people love Baltimore is that you can experience a wide array of cultures without ever leaving the city.  This statement holds especially true when it comes to Little Italy – a vibrant little neighborhood filled with restaurants, bakeries, and more. Most people there have been there for generations, holding on to the tradition of keeping homes within the family, which adds to its authenticity.


Located east of the Inner Harbor, Little Italy was given its name due to the large number of Italian immigrant families that moved into the area during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. When Italian immigrants first moved into what is now Little Italy, the neighborhood was home to a diverse community of Irish, German, and Jewish immigrants. By the start of the 20th century, the area had become almost exclusively Italian-American, eventually earning Little Italy’s name. Little Italy is home to St. Leo the Great Roman Catholic Church, established in 1881 (cornerstone laid 1880) and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The church has traditionally been the centerpiece of the largely Catholic neighborhood. Residents still frequent it along with Italian-Americans from elsewhere in Baltimore, MD with family roots in the neighborhood.

Things to Do

St. Leo’s Roman Catholic Church 

The heart of the neighborhood, St. Leo’s Roman Catholic Church, was built in the 1880s. Baltimore architect, E. Francis Baldwin, designed the church and is famed for his work on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

Bocce Matches At D’Alesandro Park 

The outdoor bocce courts at D’Alesandro Park are open between May and September. You’ll often find it challenging to get into, especially when the Little Italy bocce ball leagues are in action. The courts are open to the public and are popular places to hang out when the weather is nice –either a player or a spectator. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Baltimore

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