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Brooklyn is one of the southernmost neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland. It is located near Anne Arundel County along Governor Ritchie Highway, Maryland Route 2. Its main roads are South Hanover Street (formerly First Street – before 1919), Potee Street, and East Patapsco Avenue, Sixth Street, Tenth Street, and West Bay Avenue, which borders the neighboring Curtis Bay community to the east, running through Bay Brook Park, which separates the two. South Hanover Street also serves as the dividing line between east-west streets in Brooklyn, as Charles Street (which acts as the east-west divider from downtown north to the city line) does not exist here. Often mistaken as Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn shares the 21225 ZIP Code with the greater Brooklyn Park area, which is across the Baltimore City Line (of the Annexation of 1919) in (northern Anne Arundel County) and the other neighboring community of Cherry Hill to the west and northwest across the now small western branch (formerly the old “Ferry Branch”) of the Patapsco River flowing from Ellicott City and Elkridge and along with the shoreline-hugging southern extension “South Hanover Street” of the downtown’s old colonial-era “Hanover Street” (of the “Original Survey of 1729” of Baltimore Town) across the 1914-1917 Hanover Street Bridge, later renamed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge in the 1990s.

To the northeast, along the shoreline of the Patapsco River, is the former residential communities of Fairfield and Wagner’s Point (also known as East Brooklyn), which were “islands of houses” surrounded by the belt of river-front heavy industry. During the construction of 1955-1957, the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel of Interstate 895 (Maryland), another smaller residential island neighborhood of Masonville, was purchased and razed by the highway construction. Recently, its old name has been resurrected as the name of the nearby cove on the south shore of the river, which has endured as a swampy forested “island of nature” and is slated to be preserved amidst the nearby development of additional port facilities for the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore. These two communities of Fairfield and Wagner’s Point have also been bought out and razed in the past decade. Brooklyn is within the Baltimore, MD limits, and Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Heights, along with smaller neighboring neighborhoods of Arundel Village, Arundel Gardens, Pumphrey, and Roland Terrace, are in northern Anne Arundel County.

Brooklyn is the location of the John R. Hargrove, Sr. District Court Building, located right off of Patapsco Avenue. There is also a host of industries in the region, mainly shipping ports, rail yards, and oil tanks. Many car imports come through this area, as well as the south end of the Harbor Tunnel that runs off I-895. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Baltimore

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