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Methods To Help Detect Bed Bugs During The Early Stages

The early stages of a bed bug infestation can be critical. This is the point, where you either spread the infestation and make it worse or narrow it down and eliminate it. You might be surprised to learn that until recently, bed bug early detection tools were severely limited. However, do to recent resurgence of bed bugs, a bed bug exterminator in Baltimore MD has revealed all the secrets of the pros. Mattress and box spring encasements were some of the very first tools available and they are still used to this very day. These encasements almost work like a pillowcase that covers the entire mattress. These encasements actually keep bed bugs from making a nest in your mattress, but these products will not eliminate the risks of an infestation.

Below, you will learn about some more early detection methods that will help you combat bed bugs in the early stages.

Scent Sniffing Dogs

One bed bug exterminator in Baltimore MD has even resulted to using canines to sniff out bed bugs. Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to spot with a visual inspection, but a professionally trained canine can sniff out an infestation in just a matter of minutes. While this is still a new method of early detection, many homeowners have mixed feelings about the efficiency of these dogs. The most valuable tool that you have available is research. Before just hiring anyone to bring in a canine sniffing dog, be sure to do the appropriate research on the professional and the company, where he/she is employed.

CO2 Detectors And Interception Devices

CO2 detectors and interception devices are also early detection tools that many professionals are taking advantage of even today. These devices can be installed under the legs of your furniture and beds. They will trap bed bugs as they crawl from place to place. CO2 detectors are a bit newer than interception devices and might cost a bit more, but the only difference is that they use a chemical to attract the bed bugs. Once the bed bugs smell the chemical they will follow it back to the trap and be stuck there. Interception devices use a talcum-like powder and moat system, but they are almost as equally effective as CO2 detectors.

Performing A Visual Inspection

Visual inspections are another method that can help detect bed bugs early, but this method is unreliable and very time consuming. These critters are extremely secretive and like to hide in the smallest crevices, which make them incredibly hard to spot with the human eye. Not to mention that they are only the size of an apple seed.

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